Welcome to Mercer Metal!

Mercer Metal is a family-owned custom fabrication and sign company located in NW Ohio, owned by Johnny and Raeh Harrod. Our business was first established, with the desire to have beautiful home decor custom signage within our own home. Johnny Harrod has extensive experience in metal fabrication, plasma cutting,  welding and powder coating. As our business gained in popularity and established a large following with custom requests, we made the decision to establish Mercer Metal. We are proud to offer high-quality, beautifully designed monograms and wall hangers, a variety of patriotic signs, seasonal/holiday decor, religious and memorial gifts, military and emergency personnel recognition, corporate signage and many custom projects. 

As the business has grown, we have continued to add new equipment and expanded our business capabilities to include Johnny’s experience in custom metal fabrication, part development, to area manufacturers, auto shops, agriculture operations and more. We are often asked "What does Mercer Metal do?" The answer is we provide repairs/alterations/new fabrication to the following items: trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, railings/stairs/balconies/gates, mailboxes, furniture, brackets, restaurants (front and back of house) just to name a few. We work with area interior design firms to design and manufacture custom stair designs and other home solutions. We often create one of a kind items for applications that span all industries. W From 10 minute repairs to months long projects and everything in between we work with businesses and individuals to supply their metal needs. 

At Mercer Metal, we pride ourselves in providing high quality products, impeccable customer service and on-time delivery. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your needs. Give us a call at 419-733-8410 or shoot us an email at mercermetalworks@gmail.com with your special project needs.